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Starting its journey in India in the year 1999, Axe has crossed a long way and now it has successfully established itself as a brand of male grooming products. Axe Pulse Deodorant is a cool, iconic, youth brand available in more than 60 countries. Axe has now become the largest selling brand of deodorants in India. Axe Pulse Deodorant for men is an exclusively designed product. It has a gentle refreshing sensation with luxurious fragrances, which gives you a long lasting protection through an effective deodorant system. The active formula of Axe deodorant gives you continuous, effective protection against perspiration odors during the whole day. This unique exciting fragrance will transform your day into a true moment of pleasure. Axe Pulse Deodorant body spray will wake you up with exhilarating citrus extract helping to stimulate your senses and jump start your mind and body. Axe is a scent of desire. Axe Pulse Deodorant body spray is the all-over body spray with long-lasting fragrance and effective deodorant protection designed to attract the opposite sex. Be a true Axe man. Experience the ultimate essence of Axe effect anytime, anywhere. Use Axe anytime, smell great all the time.