Kurkure is a brand of cheese puffs, developed and produced by Pepsico India, the Indian division of PepsiCo. Named after the Hindi word for “crunchy”, the snack was developed entirely in India. It was launched in 1999.


If you take a walk down the chip aisle, you will quickly notice that Lay’s enjoys messing around with different flavored potato chips like its BLT flavor and Spicy Ketchup, to name a few. Folks in China will have a chance to try the newest flavor consisting of Pepsi-Cola and Chicken. Yes, you read that right, both flavors mixed into one.

Uncle Chips

Launched in 1992, Uncle Chipps was a pioneer in branded potato chips in India. The brand was acquired from Amrit Agro Ltd. in 2000 by Frito-Lay India.

Bingo Mad Angles

Bingo! was launched in March 2007 with a wide range of exciting packaged salted snacks. The range includes multiple flavor variants of Potato Chips