Talc , Deo, Perfume


Earlier when people used to suffer from the skin rashes or any kind of skin diseases, they used sandalwood powder in order to get the relief. The sandalwood oils have been highly valued for centuries. Paras Pharma has used this formula in their brand Dermi cool’s product Dermi cool sandal talcum powder in order to bring relief to the skin rashes caused during summer. Dermi cool sandal talcum powder is delicately perfumed with pure natural sandalwood oil in order to get the fresh fragrance all day long. The sandal wood powder is rich and cooling and healing properties. Dermi cool has used the essence of sandalwood oil not only to heal the rashes but also to act as prevention against summer heat. The sandal wood has antiseptically properties, which heals the rashes easily causing no discomfort. As all the other sandal prickly heat talcum powders only heals the rashes giving an instant cooling effect. However, Dermi cool sandal talcum powder has the anti-bacterial properties which fights with nth bacteria and keep your skin clean clear and smooth. If used regularly after bath, Dermi cool sandal talcum powder will eradicate all the skin rashes and prevents you from seating in the sweltering heat.