Fabric Conditioner

Rin Ala

Rin, a leading laundry care brand by Hindustan Lever limited has been known for its quality and performance. After being hugely successful with their top quality detergent powder and detergent bars, Rin has now launched a new innovative product – Rin Ala Fabric Whitener. It is a wonderful product that not only whitens your fabric, but also brightens it. Rin Ala Fabric Whitener conditions every fiber of your fabric and gives you bright white clothes.

Comfort Fabric Conditioner

Comfort is a conditioner that ensures your clothes get the care they deserve. In fact it adds back what detergents take away from clothes during the wash process.

Godrej Ezee

Godrej Ezee was launched in 1983 for special clothes and delicate garments like woolens, silks, baby clothes, wool blends, premium cottons, lingerie etc. The biggest worries of consumers washing clothes with powder and bar detergents were shrinkage and color fading. Ezee addresses both these worries through its unique pH neutral formulation.

Revive Liquid Starch

Revive was launched in 1993 and is another Marico product that created a market where none existed. Revive Powder gave consumers the convenience of an instant cold water starch at home.

Vanish Liquid

The best way to vanish toughest stains from your clothes is to use Vanish Liquid Fabric Stain Remover. It removes stain gently and makes your clothes look brighter and cleaner. Its a leading powder that has got stain removal products that eradicates almost every feasible stain; even really tough dried-in stains that have been around for ages.


Germany’s No. 1 laundry detergent stands for fiber-deep cleanliness and perfectly cared-for laundry. With Persil, washing becomes a pleasure. because stubborn soiling and persistent stains don’t stand a chance.

Surf Excel Liquid

Your little one just came back from school, but he’s not alone! He has brought your worst enemies and his best friends home with him. Do you know who they are That’s right it’s the stains! But you don’t have to fear. Surf Excel Liquid Detergent is here! This new liquid detergent is two times better at stain removal than detergent powder. Ink or grease marks, pickle stains, mud or tea stains Surf Excel Liquid Detergent will penetrate through these everyday tough stains and remove them easily. Whether you bucket wash or machine wash, laundry cleaning is now easier than ever with this new detergent.