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FIAMA DI WILLS Color Damage Repair

Has constant heat styling or general exposure to harsh winds or the sun damaged your hair? If so, then you?re in luck. Suitable for men and women with damaged hair, the Fiama Di Wills Colour Damage Repair Serum is formulated with mild organic and natural ingredients and is suitable for use on all hair types. The Fiama Di Wills Serum comes in an oil form and contains rich almond nut oil to impart an iridescent shine to your hair.This invigorating Colour Damage Repair Serum reverses the damage caused by chemicals and harsh UV rays thereby protecting and restoring vibrancy to colour treated locks. So just before stepping out, apply this nourishing Serum on your hair for gorgeous tresses within minutes. Complete your hair care routine with the Fiama Di Wills Colour Damage Repair Serum and give your colour treated hair centre stage status all the time.