Juices/ Drinks


A rich concoction of almonds (badam), milk, and sugar with saffron and cardamom flavoring! MTR Foods? Badam Drink is an age-old classic Indian beverage. With all the goodness of almonds, it’s rejuvenation in a can!

Guruji Badam Drink

Guruji Brahmi Badam is made from high-quality and selected almonds.

Amul Cool Kesar

Amul Kool Kesar is refreshing milk with taste of Saffron (Kesar).


Tropicana was founded in Bradenton, Florida, USA, in 1947. It is now enjoyed almost everywhere in the world. Carefully nurtured for over 50 years, Tropicana has matured into one of the most respected beverage brands.


Nimbooz is a great-tasting product. It has capitalized on the existing familiarity with and high consumption of unpackaged/homemade LEMON WATER. It has remained true to its authentic Indian Identity by using the traditional Matka (Earthen Pot) and Squeezer in the manufacturing process.

Minute Maid Pulpy Orange

Minute Maid has been making juice for over 60 years and has a heritage of nutrition, innovation, and quality. We continue to use high quality fruits and fruit juices so that consumers can enjoy our products with confidence. Our commitment to delivering high-quality juices and juice drinks with great taste and good nutrition is something you can count on. That?s the stuff that makes you feel good and that?s what we do.


Say “hello” to the oldest member of the family who refuses to grow up. A popular mango drink, that’s been around since 1985. And rated as India’s Most Trusted Fruit Beverage Brand*. It is the brand’s unique ability to change that has kept it true to its essence, Fresh n juicy.


In India, Maaza was acquired by Coca-Cola India in 1993 from Parle-Bisleri along with other brands such as Limca, Citra, Thums Up and Gold Spot. Maaza was acquired by House of Spices in 2005 for the North American market. Finally in the year 2006 Infra Foodbrands acquired Maaza for the European, Caribbean and West-African market and cooperates with House of Spices for the North American market.

Dabur Real

Dabur’s Foods division pioneered the concept of packaged fruit juices in India way back in 1997. Dabur successfully established brands in a market where the barrier to accept packaged food is high, and the fledging processed food industry was in a nascent stage in India.