Kohinoor Basmati Rice

Basmati, when literally translated in Hindi, means the queen of fragrance. Considered the world’s best rice, it is exported all around the globe, something that has been happening for centuries now. According to Ayurveda, Basmati is the king of all varieties of rice – is sattvic and pure, nourishing for the body tissues, and easy to digest. It’s this divine aroma of basmati rice along with its supreme quality and purity that has been delighting gourmets across the world.

Kohinoor Long Grain Rice

Kohinoor Long Grain Rice is a long grain non-basmati rice. The grains are in uniform size and do not stick after cooking. If cooked properly it enlarges almost double its size. It has a rich aroma, and great taste and is known for its freshness.

Kohinoor Super Value Basmati Rice

Kohinoor Super Value Basmati Rice is uniquely identified by its fragrance and length of grains. It has a flavourful rich taste and nutrition. It has been perfectly aged making it non-sticky and fluffy when cooked.

Kohinoor Tibar Basmati Rice

Kohinoor Tibar Basmati Rice is naturally aged and is carefully processed in a world-class manufacturing facility. Kohinoor Tibar Basmati grain is the length of the full basmati grain. Rich in aroma and flavor, it is ideal for everyday use.