Carbonated Drinks


1. Limca Fresh ho jao!
2. Lime n lemoni limca can cast a tangy spell on anyone anywhere Derived from ?nimbu? ?jaisa?, lime sa limca has lived up to its promise of refreshment and has been the original thirst choice of millions of consumers over three decades.
3. The thirst quencher Limca, was during the early 1990s acquired by the reliable Coco-Cola Company, who have been awarded the ?Golden Peacock National Quality Award? for Quality. From then on, the sales of Limca really got boosted up and today despite its competitors Mirinda Lime etc. Limca stands at its same old height of excellence and still continues to be the first choice of the Questy Crowd.
4. If you feel really Thirsty or in a dull state really requiring the instant energy for your impending hard-works, then do taste this lovely refreshing drink and gather up all your Power ?.. you are sure to find the difference in YOU !