Your taking a walk along the beach on a windy evening and your hair is so messed up because of the wind, Livon comes with Silky Potion to help you manage your hair during such times. Perfectly designed for women, this Hair Fluid is sure to keep your hair healthy. The Livon Silky Potion – Detangling Hair Fluid is formulated from Vitamin E to nourish your hair. Also, vitamin E will add the accurate amount of moisture to your hair. Your frizzy hair can be treated by this Detangling Hair Fluid. Besides reducing hair breakage, this Livon Silky Potion Fluid will soften your hair. You will get that silky smooth hair with this Hair Fluid. Additionally, this Livon Hair Fluid has a cute soft formula which will make your hair soft and you are sure to fall in love with your hair. Your hair will get that perfect shine with this Fluid. Apart from this, it becomes easy for you to manage your hair as this Detangling Hair Fluid makes it possible. Suitable for all hair types, this Detangling Hair Fluid from Livon will help you get that beautiful hair on-the-go no matter what type of hair you have.