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Mediker is a more than three-decade old brand and is the market leader in the treatment of lice. Mediker is today a Proctor and Gamble product. It was acquired by Proctor and Gamble from Marico in 1999. Lice is a very common problem, especially among girl children aged between 5-12 years. Lice can bring mental, physical, and psychological problems in a child. A child can go through social embarrassment due to this problem of lice. Mediker is an easy and painless solution that helps rigorously in tackling the problem. Mediker anti-lice treatment is first step towards the treatment of these unwanted guests from the scalp. This brand has gained name throughout India and is today catching up not only in the urban sectors but also in the rural sectors. The success of the brand fully owes to the continuous innovation and excellent distribution by the R and D team. Today Mediker has become the most trusted and well-known brand in the effective treatment of lice. Mediker has replaced the painful activity of lice comb by a simple wash-off format. The main active ingredients included in Mediker are camphor, Cetaphil and neem extracts.