Old Spice

Old Spice has been in the business of men?s grooming for so many decades that they never fail at delivering what a man really wants. Men are choosy when it comes to fragrance and they would like to be unique with all the decisions they make and products they use. This Original Old Spice After Shave Lotion Atomiser is the perfect formulation for a man?s whims and fancies. An after shave is vital for your skin because shaving removes moisture and thus causes burns and discomfort. This Old Spice Original lotion ensures that it returns to your skin all the lost moisture, enabling you to look great all day long.Old Spice has composed this after shave lotion to suit your skin type and the potion will soothe your skin as you apply it onto the shaved area. The lotion seeps through the contours of your skin, ensuring that all the lost moisture is retrieved, thus keeping your skin looking healthy always. The blades of your razor may leave a few wounds sometime, do not worry about these as this Old Spice lotion will heal tiny razor cuts and nicks making sure that your skin is left smooth and fresh. After all, shaving is a ritual for many and cannot be ignored, but your skin is safe with Old Spice as this lotion stimulates and refreshes skin after every use.