Park Avenue

Give your skin the new improved skin care as it needs all the goodness it can get after a menacing shave. Mornings are always tricky because everything happens at the fastest pace possible, so you can get to work or college on time, but this can be tough on your shaving routine. It?s that hurried shave that will result in cuts and bruises but you still have to run against the clock. So Park Avenue brings to you the Park Avenue New Improved Ace After Shave Lotion which is formulated to fight against common shaving related skin problems. This lotion transforms to become the ace shave lotion that energises and revitalizes your skin.The after shave lotion is composed to soothe your skin after every shave, because the razor does only what it is designed for, elimination, it does not give back anything but a close finish. Now, apart from looking like the dashing prince you can also provide an invisible layer of protection for your skin so the damage of the razor is reduced and your magnetism is increased. Park Avenue ensures that not only does your skin stay protected but it is also nourished along the way by infusing this after shave with aloe vera. This after shave lotion is infused with ingredients that hydrate and moisturize your skin, keeping it softer after every shave. The long-lasting fragrance can now act as an addition to your personality as you strive through everyday to be the best at what you do. Impress all those around you and ensure that your days are always great with this New Improved Ace After Shave.