Powder and Liquid

Ariel Complete

Introduced in 1991, Ariel was the first to bring the ‘compact detergent’ technology, the enzyme technology for safe and superior stain-removing power and the ‘smart eyes’ technology into India, with an aim of becoming India’s best stain removal detergent.

Henko Stain Champion

Henko Stain Champion Powder is the original stain champion. It not only removes the toughest stains but also makes your clothes germ free by killing almost all of the germs.

Rin Matic

Clean white clothes play a critical role in our lives by creating a good impression and being recognized by society. Sparkling white clothes not only help us form great impressions on the people we meet but also provide us the confidence to realize our ambitions. Rin understands this need and strives to deliver best-in-class whiteness through continuous innovation and product improvements.

Surf Excel Quick Wash

New Surf Excel Quickwash with X-Tra clean particles combines the power of stain-removing products like blue, bleach and lemon. Now you can remove multiple stains with just 1 product


Tide Powder gets to the bottom of dirt and stains to help keep your whites white and your colors bright. For great stain removal at any temperature. Original Scent immediately starts dissolving, even in cold water moisture resistant cartons with Moisture Guard Protection for less clumping so your powder stays fresh and free-flowing

Ujala Supreme

The product category for a liquid fabric whitener was literally non-existent prior to the advent of Ujala. While the HAVE YOU CHANGED OVER TO UJALA punch phrase captured the imagination of people throughout the country, Ujala ushered in a revolution, with consumers shifting from blue to Ujala. Positioned on the platform of whiteness and brightness, Ujala is a market leader in its category – the growing market share is a testimony to the brand’s popularity. Ujala Supreme – used as a post-wash application for brightening white clothes has an instant whitening system that assures uniform and consistent results.