India Gate Basmati Rice

Witn a 120 year heritage and an existence since 1889, KRBL Ltd. is India’s first integrated rice company with a comprehensive product chain.

India Gate basmati-rice-feast-rozzana

India Gate Feast Rozzana Rice is everyday rice that makes each meal memorable. This daily use basmati rice leaves you feeling satisfied and nourished. Grown in the north-western foothills of the Himalayas, this Basmati rice helps fuel your body with the essential vitamins and nutrients.

India Gate Basmati Rice Dubar

India Gate Dubar Rice is a premium quality rice that adds flavour to every meal. It is perfect for those who enjoy eating rice everyday.

India Gate Jeera Rice

India Gate Jeera Rice is an exquisite variety of Kaima Rice or Jeerakasala which is extensively used in Malabari cuisine.It has a beautiful aroma imparting a subtle taste and is specially used to prepare authentic dishes like jeera rice.