Annapurna Salt

Annapurna Salt was launched in early 1995 and was the first in the world to be endorsed by The International Council for Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders (ICCIDD). When iodine deficiency was identified as a serious health issue in India and iodized salt became a government directive, Annapurna played a critical role by launching Annapurna Iodized salt with Stable Iodine patented by Unilever worldwide.

Tata Salt

A pioneer in the Indian salt market, Tata Salt was launched in 1983 as the country’s first branded iodized salt. In a market that was characterized by loose, unbranded salt of dubious quality, Tata Salt provided Indian consumers a hygienic, standardized product that came with the guarantee of one of India’s most trusted business houses the Tatas.