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She is a woman who is completely in touch with her feminine sensuality ? one smooth wink and a few bats of her lashes and you are deemed her slave for life, ready to do her bidding. She is the ultimate seductress but the sensuousness is well-veiled under a curtain of a certain charm that you find hard to resist. She embodies perfection, right down to the last glossy nail and her poise is disarming. For the woman of today who has the world wrapped around her little finger, the fragrance of Santoor Charismatic Deo Spray proves the perfect accessory to her plans. The mass premium deodorant spray is that confidante who never lets her down and the long-lasting fragrance embraces her throughout the day leaving her adorned with the confidence she needs to be her regal self. Let the inner queen reign with Elan as all and sundry watch with the chic redolence of Santoor Charismatic Deo Spray.