Talc , Deo, Perfume


The Clock Slowly Ticks Into The Hour Of Release From Corporate Drudgery And The Harassed Man Rushes Out The Glass Doors Onto The Open Road. Since The Time He Can Remember, He Has Been Outside Riding His Bike Or Playing Soccer. Adulthood Brought With It Freedom Of Choice But At The Price Of Imprisoning Your Body In A Concrete Cage. Say Goodbye To Those Feelings With A Refreshing Dose Of Set Wet Adventure Deo Spray. A Self-Confessed Adrenaline Junkie, He Unwinds From His Daily Stress And Worries With A Lively Game Of Badminton. He Makes His Way Through The Roughest Of Terrain And The Cruelest Of Weather Conditions. As Soon As He Gets Out Of The Shower He Sprays On This Set Wet Deo Spray And He Feels Enlivened. He Yearns For The Grime And Toil That Lets Him Explore The Beauty And Bounty Of Nature. This Fragrance Comes In A Cylindrical Structure That Is Painted A Glossy Black And Shades Of Green With The Male Gender Symbol On Its Surface. The Course Is Set And The Bike Is Oiled, It Is Time For You To Ride Into The Sunset For