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Starting its journey in India in the year 1999, Axe has crossed a long way and now it has successfully established itself as a brand of male grooming products. Axe Pulse Deodorant is a cool, iconic, youth brand available in more than 60 countries. Axe has now become the largest selling brand of deodorants in India. Axe Pulse Deodorant for men is an exclusively designed product. It has a gentle refreshing sensation with luxurious fragrances, which gives you a long lasting protection through an effective deodorant system. The active formula of Axe deodorant gives you continuous, effective protection against perspiration odors during the whole day. This unique exciting fragrance will transform your day into a true moment of pleasure. Axe Pulse Deodorant body spray will wake you up with exhilarating citrus extract helping to stimulate your senses and jump start your mind and body. Axe is a scent of desire. Axe Pulse Deodorant body spray is the all-over body spray with long-lasting fragrance and effective deodorant protection designed to attract the opposite sex. Be a true Axe man. Experience the ultimate essence of Axe effect anytime, anywhere. Use Axe anytime, smell great all the time.


Cinthol From Godrej Consumer Products (GCPL) is a leader among India’s Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies, with leading Household and Personal Care Products. Our brands, which include Good knight, Cinthol, Godrej No. 1, Expert, Hit, Jet, Fairglow, Ezee, Protekt and Snuggy, among others, are household names across the country.


The attractive orange pack of the original Cuticura is aimed at catering to the tastes of the young generation across the country,” K H S Mani, vice-president of Cholayil Group, which took over the multinational brand about two years ago, told reporters here while launching the product in a new pack.


Earlier when people used to suffer from the skin rashes or any kind of skin diseases, they used sandalwood powder in order to get the relief. The sandalwood oils have been highly valued for centuries. Paras Pharma has used this formula in their brand Dermi cool’s product Dermi cool sandal talcum powder in order to bring relief to the skin rashes caused during summer. Dermi cool sandal talcum powder is delicately perfumed with pure natural sandalwood oil in order to get the fresh fragrance all day long. The sandal wood powder is rich and cooling and healing properties. Dermi cool has used the essence of sandalwood oil not only to heal the rashes but also to act as prevention against summer heat. The sandal wood has antiseptically properties, which heals the rashes easily causing no discomfort. As all the other sandal prickly heat talcum powders only heals the rashes giving an instant cooling effect. However, Dermi cool sandal talcum powder has the anti-bacterial properties which fights with nth bacteria and keep your skin clean clear and smooth. If used regularly after bath, Dermi cool sandal talcum powder will eradicate all the skin rashes and prevents you from seating in the sweltering heat.


Lavish yourself with ENCHANTEUR CHARMING Perfumed Talc and let the exotic sensual fragrance of Rose, Muguet, and soft Cedarwood caress your skin like royalty. Infused with a fine floral fragrance, this talcum powder will leave your skin feeling beautifully smooth and silky soft.


Different women have different morning routines and schedules. Some like to wake up to a rejuvenating cuppa of bed coffee and the newspaper while others like the adrenaline of keeping their eyes shut till the last minute and dashing out for a race against time. Then there are those that wake up to the chirp of the bird, hum in the shower, spray on a bit of Eva Fresh Deo Spray, and set out. The ultimate morning person, she loves the prospect of waking up to a new day full of unknown adventures and possibilities. She is prepared for any challenge the day may bring forward as the antiperspirant properties of this deo spray keeps her fresh and comfortable throughout. As the day goes by this long-lasting fragrance keeps her bubbly nature company. An alcohol-free deo, it doesn’t interfere with the enlivening citrus floral aroma. A cylindrical bottle with a transparent cap, it radiates a sea-blue shade that looks welcoming. A fresh spritz and begin your day on the right note.


Fogg Emperor Deodorant for Men 10 ml ends your search for the perfect daily-use deodorant. With its pleasant, captivating aroma, this deodorant comes in a liberal quantity that is sure to last long. Leaving a breezy trail all day long, this deodorant is perfect for active young men.


Extension of sandal goodness to body talcs. The only Talcum powder containing pure natural sandalwood oil, Rich in cooling and healing qualities. In convenient and pretty packs. Keeps one fresh and fragrant all day long. Mysore sandal Tacl is available in 300gms,100gms




Break the monotony of sullen, agonizing Monday mornings with this classy fragrance from Park Avenue. The elegant, musky notes of this refreshing deo spray spice up your mornings with a new zest and zeal for life and make you feel vibrant and alive with new-found energy and optimism. The Park Avenue Good Morning Deo Spray is a bright, vivacious, and energizing concoction that provides round-the-clock protection against bacteria, offensive body odor, or other sweat-related problems, keeping you smelling enviably fresh and masculine all day long. The long-lasting effects of this Park Avenue men’s mass premium deodorant add up with its elegant charm and make it the perfect, sophisticated wear for daily use, at work, or otherwise.


Feel the magic of the fresh fragrance brought to you by Ponds Magic Freshness Talc. Use Ponds Magic Freshness Talc and stay fresh for the whole day with its pleasing smell. This Ponds Magic Talc provides a sheen and a smooth finish to the skin and enhances the beauty of the wearer. It is also known for its skin friendliness, soothing fragrance, and softness. This Talc comes with a Distinct


She is a woman who is completely in touch with her feminine sensuality ? one smooth wink and a few bats of her lashes and you are deemed her slave for life, ready to do her bidding. She is the ultimate seductress but the sensuousness is well-veiled under a curtain of a certain charm that you find hard to resist. She embodies perfection, right down to the last glossy nail and her poise is disarming. For the woman of today who has the world wrapped around her little finger, the fragrance of Santoor Charismatic Deo Spray proves the perfect accessory to her plans. The mass premium deodorant spray is that confidante who never lets her down and the long-lasting fragrance embraces her throughout the day leaving her adorned with the confidence she needs to be her regal self. Let the inner queen reign with Elan as all and sundry watch with the chic redolence of Santoor Charismatic Deo Spray.


The Clock Slowly Ticks Into The Hour Of Release From Corporate Drudgery And The Harassed Man Rushes Out The Glass Doors Onto The Open Road. Since The Time He Can Remember, He Has Been Outside Riding His Bike Or Playing Soccer. Adulthood Brought With It Freedom Of Choice But At The Price Of Imprisoning Your Body In A Concrete Cage. Say Goodbye To Those Feelings With A Refreshing Dose Of Set Wet Adventure Deo Spray. A Self-Confessed Adrenaline Junkie, He Unwinds From His Daily Stress And Worries With A Lively Game Of Badminton. He Makes His Way Through The Roughest Of Terrain And The Cruelest Of Weather Conditions. As Soon As He Gets Out Of The Shower He Sprays On This Set Wet Deo Spray And He Feels Enlivened. He Yearns For The Grime And Toil That Lets Him Explore The Beauty And Bounty Of Nature. This Fragrance Comes In A Cylindrical Structure That Is Painted A Glossy Black And Shades Of Green With The Male Gender Symbol On Its Surface. The Course Is Set And The Bike Is Oiled, It Is Time For You To Ride Into The Sunset For


She walks with a shroud of enigma surrounding each step that she takes. She is the girl whom you have always noticed from a distance, but never found the courage to talk to. She is the diva of your dreams, the silent object of your dreams. She instills a passion in you and inspires a rare form of desire and reverence. Spinz brings the Enchante Deo Spray for the dream girl who makes your heart skip a beat with every move she makes. Bottled in a stylishly designed flacon, the Spinz Enchante deodorant embodies passion and femininity in its true essence. Intense and invigorating, the fragrance embraces your senses in the mesmerizing serenity of Lavender and Triclosanto and evokes the romantic tranquility of a sultry, summer afternoon. Ideal for daily wear, and affordably priced, the Spinz Enchante mass premium deo spray provides long-lasting fragrance and protection against bacteria, body odor and other sweat-related problems and keeps her smelling sweet, fresh, and vibrant all through the day.


Women have always been credited with being the more beautiful of the sexes. The male species are like a diamond in the rough that takes a little effort to appreciate. Once you get past the coarse conversation and brusque approach, you begin to see the real man. He has a caring heart hidden beneath rippling muscles and tender eyes framing a chiseled face. He can embrace this complementary duality with a spritz of Wild Stone Ultra Sensual. A tough and rugged exterior flaunts his classic masculine appeal, with the legs of a farmer and the dexterous fingers of a carpenter. When he retires after the toils of a hard day’s labor, he takes on the role of an anguished poet and a tender-hearted lover, overcomes with romance. A beguiling mix of aromatic accords forms an intoxicating Eau De Parfum that tingles your being and arouses your senses. Walking in a cloud of this fragrance, you feel more comfortable with yourself than ever before. An expression of love and a symbol of indulgence, give yourself the ultimate ego boost with this creation from Wild Stone.


Garnier Men Deodorant Extreme Cool Intense Cooling 48h 150ml: GARNIER MEN DEODORANT is enriched with powerful Mineralite, an ultra-absorbent mineral that naturally and continuously absorbs perspiration. Provides 48 hr non-stop protection to keep you fresh


Rejuvenating aquatic notes presented in the form of Fresh Active Deo Roll-on from the renowned brand of Nivea lure you in an invigorating blast of exhilaration that keeps you on your toes during a busy work week. The mass premium fragrance has fresh elements reminiscent of the ocean which revitalize your sagging spirits. The deodorant roll-on is easy to apply and stays close to your skin for as long as 48 hours. The fragrance is gentle on the skin and does not cause allergies. The roll-on also absorbs perspiration and keeps you dry in the hot Indian summer sun. Nivea Fresh Active Deo Roll-on is for the man who is at the top of the ladder and wants to reach out for the moon.


Before you are all set to go for a client meeting, dust this Red Roses talcum powder on your body and feel fresh. For all those men and women longing to attain that beautiful aroma, this Red Roses talcum powder could be an apt choice. The Yardley Red Roses talc is enriched with active ingredients that leave a long-lasting aroma on your body. Also, this Yardley talc makes your skin and soft and supple. Besides giving you that natural fragrance of rose, this Red Roses talc rejuvenates your senses in the most unique way. This Yardley talcum powder eliminates the unpleasant odor from your body and also protects your skin. Every time you walk down to the pantry at your workplace the lingering aroma of this talcum powder will make heads turn. This exotic fragrance never fails to keep you fresh throughout the day.