Talc , Deo, Perfume


Women have always been credited with being the more beautiful of the sexes. The male species are like a diamond in the rough that takes a little effort to appreciate. Once you get past the coarse conversation and brusque approach, you begin to see the real man. He has a caring heart hidden beneath rippling muscles and tender eyes framing a chiseled face. He can embrace this complementary duality with a spritz of Wild Stone Ultra Sensual. A tough and rugged exterior flaunts his classic masculine appeal, with the legs of a farmer and the dexterous fingers of a carpenter. When he retires after the toils of a hard day’s labor, he takes on the role of an anguished poet and a tender-hearted lover, overcomes with romance. A beguiling mix of aromatic accords forms an intoxicating Eau De Parfum that tingles your being and arouses your senses. Walking in a cloud of this fragrance, you feel more comfortable with yourself than ever before. An expression of love and a symbol of indulgence, give yourself the ultimate ego boost with this creation from Wild Stone.